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Company profile

A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG

Electric measuring and control engineering

  • Founded in 1980

  • Approximately 70 employees

  • Managing directors: Lothar Mayer, Till Sybel, Harald Straußberger

A. Eberle GmbH was founded in 1980. The aim of the company then was to develop and manufacture products for the electronic industry.

Since 1995 things have changed. A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG now has its own sales organization with international focus and clearly changed priorities.

Our most important fields in business comprise today:

  • Voltage regulation of tap-changing transformers and transformer monitoring

  • Low voltage regulation of distribution transformers

  • Regulation of Peterson coils and earth fault locating in medium and high voltage networks

  • Voltage quality measuring – Power Quality – according to the standards EN50160 and IEC61000-4-30 with fault recorder function

  • Early detection of network breakdowns and monitoring of network dynamics

  • Simulation technology for multi-line systems

Our aim is to solve all measuring, control and recording tasks in relation to transformers and Peterson coils. Therefore, with more than 50% of the employees, the proportion of highly qualified technicians and engineers in our team is very high. It goes without saying that we are always prepared to tackle and solve new, unconventional tasks, working together with our customers and partners.

All products and services we offer have the purpose to ensure and improve the security of supply and thereby the availability of the power supply.

Our customers are the big power supply utilities of all voltage levels, as well as the big and medium industrial enterprises of all sectors.

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