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We are very pleased to introduce you our first A. Eberle APP’s, which will be published shortly-term before the Hannover Industry Fair HMI which will take place from 08th of April until the 12th of April. At the beginning we have been concentrated in developing them for the Apple-World. Android will follow!

This App includes five useful topics and can be used en route but also in the office. It will be available in German and English and is free of charge.

1. Our book “Measure and regulate in high voltage networks”
With the high demand for a new print run of the books in mind, I hope that we can offer you herewith a real alternative. Therein you will find the common electrotechnical part as well as the technical details for the voltage regulation of transformers with tap-changers.

2. Our information letters which are still very favored. Also here the demand is very high.

3. A calculating program for the parallel operation of transformers

4. The demo version of our REGSim which visualizes the parallel operation of transformers

5. The direct link to our product support for all questions regarding our products

     Download iOS App

     Download Android App




The second App -which is with costs-, comprises the real “regulator simulation” indeed without any restrictiveness. The small amount will be a benefit for our colleague Mr. Offergeld. He has developed that program in his spare time and will continue administrating it furthermore.

You can download the REGSim App here!

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