Pilot Project on a Motorway Parking Lot

Power cuts shut down water pumps and pose great challenges for the North-Bavarian motorway directorate

The Challenge

In 2018, the “Auergründel” PWC (car park with WC) on the A6 suffered repeat failures of its fresh and waste water pumps. The motorways directorate suspected the cause was high loads on the low-voltage cables. The short-circuit power of the network at the parking place was suspected to be insufficient to provide stable pumping.

What we did

Through a power quality (PQ) measurement with our PQ-Box 150, we determined that the 10 minute voltage averages were below the nominal voltage. This allowed us to determine that, when the pumps started up, the voltage at the connection point collapsed to the point that the frequency converter switched to error mode and reported an undervoltage. Increased power requirements during start-up can be compensated for by our low-voltage regulation system LVRSysTM, which provides increased current.

The Result

Since the installation of the LVRSysTM, no further faults in the control electronics have been reported. LVRSysTM solves problems at motorway car parks like “Auergründel”, thus preventing the failure of gantry signage, water pumps and lighting systems at parking spaces and rest facilities..

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