Power Quality Detectives

Help, my electric hob is whistling.

Modern measurement technology makes an important contribution to the power quality of low-voltage networks. Without it, we could not make statements about the quality of individual power characteristics, nor find the causes of faults. It was for this reason that the decision was taken in early 2001 at Energiedienst Netze GmbH (EDN) to set up a specialist team to deal with power quality within the department handling local grid supply.

It was intended to develop expertise and practical knowledge of how to handle this modern measurement technology and interpret the results it supplied in connection with operational experience. EDN uses network analysers by A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG. The Nuremberg specialists have been involved since 1995 with the measurement of power quality, fault recording and the monitoring of network dynamics, among other things.

This contribution should provide a brief view of the complexity involved where securing power quality is concerned (a topic that is ever more important for the electricity sector).

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