What is going on at the edge of our power grids?

In many places, our grids are currently undergoing fundamental changes.

Megatrends of society, such as the ubiquitous use of switching power supplies, the rise of small renewable energy producers and the deliberate cutback on large power plants have a strong impact on the quality of supply....

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Key Features

Live View

  • voltage
  • grid frequency
  • harmonics

PQ Monitoring

  • dip, swell, interrupt detection
  • harmonics assessment
  • PQ Event List

designed with the low voltage grid in mind, EN 50160 threshold comparison

Long Term data

  • measurement data is saved on the device
  • high accuracy - no compromises
  • 10 kHz sample rate

Optional Cloud connectivity (upcoming)


Focussing on the essentials - stream-lined tool addressing typical grid issues inside modern industrial and residential buildings: deviations in voltage (dips/swells/interrupts), frequency and the most important harmonics.

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