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Interface-Component BIN-D


The interface component BIN-D is used when the number of free binary inputs and outputs of a REGSys™ component is not sufficient.

REGSys™ components can be recognised by the letter "D" which follows after the three letter coded  Type name.

Example: REG-D, PAN-D, REG-DP, PQI-D, EOR-D, MMU-D...

All interface components can be addressed via serial port COM 3 (RS 485) from any chosen REGSys component. The interface component BIN-D can be used as an binary input card and output card. The hardware version (inputs and outputs) can be selected by code E. BIN-D with code E2 describes a card with 8 binary outputs. E3 stands for 16 binary inputs whereas E4 is a card with 8 binary outputs of which the logic state (on and off) can be signalled with the help of 8 LEDs. The colours of the LEDs can be freely chosen.

Each interface card has its own intelligence (μP). Thus it is possible to connect signals directly on the card. This option plays an important role when time critical tasks have to be solved (for example fast scanning and connection to binary signals).

The programming of the component according to the customers specification is carried out by the manufacturer.

  • combinable with any REGSys™-component 
  • 16 freely programmable binary inputs (E2) 
  • 8 freely programmable relay outputs (E3) 
  • 8 freely programmable relay outputs with status signal (LED’s) (E9) 
  • up to 16 BIN-D’s per REGSys™-component can be linked
  • Evaluation capacity for fast sampling and/or linking "on board" 
  • additional  auxiliary voltage range 
  • all inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated

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