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Local/remote interface REG-LR


The REG-LR local/remote interface connects the raise/lower control signals from multiple sources to the tap-changer of the transformer.

A selector switch can be set for remote (remote control system) raise/lower input, via REG-D voltage regulator (AUTO) or on site (local). With the switch set to 'Remote' the manual/automatic input determines whether the raise/lower signal for the transformer comes from the control lines or the regulator. With the 'AUTO' setting only the regulator signals are valid. With 'Local' the transformer is controlled via the rotary switch on the front panel. The raise/lower signals via remote or local control are converted into pulses with adjustable minimum period.

The regulator signals are transmitted directly. Relay contacts output the control signals "Raise", "Lower" and the operating status of the REG-LR (manual/automatic, local/remote, status) to the connected REG-D regulator and the signalling unit.

The green LED signals the operating mode, which goes off during the H, -T-impulse output. For interference suppression  inputs, outputs and operating components are blocked amongst each other.


  • transformer places at site even with uninstalled regulator
  • mode switch available as key switch 
  • Relay contacts with AC 230V 2A, DC 220V 150W
  • large auxiliary voltage range of the power module

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