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Position indicator interface REG-F "D2"


The REG-F 'D2' position indicator interface transmits the tap-changer NO contact bank signal to the REGSys voltage regulator system with BCD code.

In addition the signal is present at the relay contacts. A voltage supplies the NO contact bank and is based on the 'E GND' connection of the REG-F 'D2'. The voltage can be obtained via the device (feature E1, 15 V DC).

Switching contacts transmit the BCD signals to the EBCD 1 ... EBCD 20 inputs of the REG-F 'D2'. Outputs control the BCD inputs of the REG-D and 6 relay contacts provide the BCD code for further use. Relay and BCD outputs are supplied by the power supply unit.


  • 6 BCD inputs allow signals from 1 ... 39 or –19 ... 0 ... +19 taps
  • The cable length between tap position switch and REG-F 'D2' can be up to 100m.
  • Interference suppression via isolation of optocouplers at the inputs
  • Relay contacts with AC 250V 2A, DC 220V 150W
  • large auxiliary voltage range of the internal power module

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