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SCADA communication card REG-P


Working as a coupling-device with control centres or with central units, the REG-P operates with all telecontrol protocols.

  • boots itself after power-on
  • coordinates the telegram traffic between one or more substation units and WT- and/or modem-connections to central stations or substations
  • checks automatically and continuously the memory of the device
  • controls the watchdog
  • parameters can be set online at any time
  • adjustable to any telecontrol protocol
  • multiple choices

REG-P components are equipped with the 8Bit CMOS - processor 80C400i and present an independent micro-computer, for an address capacity of up to 16MB. The processor operates with a frequency of 18,0592 MHz . A RAM module is placed on the CPU with 8 MB memory capacity at maximum. The memory capacity of the flash card for storing special plant data and instrument data as well as the specific remote protocol structure is 16 MB depending on the components. 
All 4 timers are required for the used real-time operating system TDXact by www.TELE-DATA.de . A timer is used for 1ms system frequency.

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