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SCADA communication card REG-PE


Working as a coupling-device with control centres or with central units, the REG-PE operates with all remote control protocols.

  • boots itself after power-on
  • coordinates the telegram traffic between one or more substation units and WT- and/or modem-connections to central stations or substations
  • checks automatically and continuously the memory of the device
  • controls the watchdog
  • parameters can be set online at any time
  • adjustable to any remote control protocol
  • multiple choices for connection such as fibre optics, RS 485, RS 232

The REG-PE board is equipped with an 32 Bit CMOS - processor PPC860T and represents an independant computer, with an address-range of 64 GByte. The CPU runs at a speed of 50-80 MHZ. The board has a maximum capacity of 2 RAM modules with 32 MB in total memory as working memory. Depending on the kind of the module the storage capacity for saving of special system device data as well as for the specific remote control protocol structure are up to 32 MB flash memory. All 16 hardware-timers are required for the TELE-DATA - realtime operating system TDXact. One timer is used for the system cycle. Allof the prozessor-included UART - modules turn the 6 asynchronous V.24-interfaces. Each of these interfaces have their own baudrate timers. Serial interface 0 is able to work from 600 Bd. up to 115200 Bd. and serial interface 1-3 from 60 Bd. up to 115200 Bd. The last timer is used for the protocol software. For serial coupling in pulse-width-modulation (pulse-durationm.) 100 Bd. up to bis 2400 Bd. are available. All interfaces can be used either in PWM- or in PCM (pulse-code-m.) - mode or as control lines for modem, so that up to 4 coupling partners can be served.

Despite the functions running by different software branches on REG-PE, there are general functions in order to protect the REG-PE module against malfunctions. These functions are realized by hardware supplements and by software parts.

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