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Supervising Unit PAN-A1


The PAN-A1 voltage monitoring is a component of the REGSys voltage regulator system. The REG-D voltage regulator operates with a regulation quantity of 100 V AC.

The PAN-A1 is also connected to this voltage and after the voltage limits are exceeded / undershot, it prevents the transmission of the control signals from the REG-D to the tap-changer. During operation, the values for <U1, >U2 and Ue are shown on the 3.5-digit display as % of the nominal value. The limits can be set via keys. The nominal value Ue 100% can be calibrated to the REG-D display on the front using a screwdriver. In normal operation a voltage limit violation is displayed and signalled with a changeover contact each for <U1 and >U2 (reaction delay selectable).

These signals are disabled in override mode:
  • A broad range of voltage limits can be set
  • Limit violations can be time delayed
  • Nominal value of the PAN-A1 can be calibrated to REG-D display
  • Real r.m.s. value measurement of the input voltage
  • Override mode for commissioning and maintenance
  • Large auxiliary voltage range of the power supply

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