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Transformator - Monitor - Modul TMM



Power transformers are key components for electricity supply systems.
The breakdown of a transformer not only brings a lot of economical disadvantages for the energy supplier, but can also result in extreme losses for the consumer.

For this reason, close monitoring of the transformer is recommended as well as a recording of its “temperature curve” (thermal image) to gain information on the present load and the remaining lifetime. This task can be solved - based on IEC standards - by using electronic measuring and calculation equipment.

This operating manual describes how the software and hardware of a REG-D can be upgraded to enable TMM functionality in addition to performing its role as a voltage regulator. Also the steps required to set up the transformer monitoring functions are detailed. The temperature of the oil is an important measurement quantity for the determination of the hotspot temperature of the winding as is the value of the current passing through the winding. The oil temperature can be supplied to the regulator either as a mA signal or directly as a PT100 signal. Appropriate input modules are available for both types of signal.
If the oil level and other quantities such as the humidity, H2 or CO content of the oil are to be measured, the appropriate analogue input channels must be available. These channels can be added later to the REG-D.

This option for upgrade does not exist with the voltage regulator REG-DA as it would be impossible to keep up safety and warranty guarantees in case of amendments afterwards. Therefore if the voltage regulator REG-DA should be equipped with the transformer monitoring functions it has to be included in the REG-DA order. 

Important quantities of the transformer are monitored in the monitoring mode . Beside the tap changer statistics and the current, the oil temperature is also recorded. The hot spot temperature according to CEI/IEC 354:1991 is formed from the oil temperature and the current and taken into consideration for the life time consumption of the transformer. The German equivalent to IEC 60354 is VDE-0536/3.77. Depending on the winding temperature up to 6 cooling levels can be activated. The system monitors the running times of the fan and coordinates each of  the fan groups so that a balanced running time is achieved during operating time. Upon request single fans can be allocated the certain cooling levels.

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