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One of the essential features of the voltage regulators is the possibility to implement special functions via customer-specific programs without interfering with the firmware of the regulator.

The EN 50160 describes, among other things, the voltage band within which the voltage value must be in for distribution grids. The tolerance limits are +-10% according to the rated voltage Un (400 V)...

Voltage stability problems can occur locally (in single lines) or at the level of the entire low voltage grid.

Mobile PQ-Analyzers (PQ-Box 50/100/150/200/300) were developed for the operation in harsh environment (protection degree IP65) ...

The fault recordersand power quality analyzers PQI-D, PQI-DA and PQI-DA smart are the key devices for all measurement tasks in low-, medium- and high-voltage grid

In order to make use of different earth fault locating procedures in various error situations, the freely programmable earth fault locating relay EOR-D, enables the selection and combination of the following procedure

From a technical point of view, communication is the process of exchanging information between a transmitter and a receiver. To achieve this, the transmitter encodes a message and transmits it to the receiver.

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