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One of the essential features of the voltage regulators is the possibility to implement special functions via customer-specific programs without interfering with the firmware of the regulator.

The low voltage regulation system LVRSys™ represents a cost effective alternative for grid expansion...

Mobile PQ-Analyzers (PQ-Box 100/150/200) were developed for the operation in harsh environment (protection degree IP65) ...

The fault recordersand power quality analyzers PQI-D, PQI-DA and PQI-DA smart are the key devices for all measurement tasks in low-, medium- and high-voltage grid...

Just think about the change in the area of power generation. Years ago nobody would have believed powering down nuclear power plants - Today it is reality in Germany.

In order to make use of different earth fault locating procedures in various error situations, the freely programmable earth fault locating relay EOR-D, enables the selection and combination of the following procedure

From a technical point of view, communication is the process of exchanging information between a transmitter and a receiver. To achieve this, the transmitter encodes a message and transmits it to the receiver.

Voltage stabiliy problems can occur locally (in single lines) or at the level of the entire low voltage grid.

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