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Petersen Coil Regulation / Description


Advantages EORSys:

The digital Petersen coil regulation system, the Petersen coil regulators REG-DP and REG-DPA, as well as the earth fault detection system EORSys and the combined device EOR-3D can be connected to SCADA systems via standard profiles.

  • System solution for compensated, isolated
    and soild-grounded grids
  • Accurate regulation of Petersen coils
  • Precise control of Petersen coils
  • Reliable detection of earth faults
  • Detection of restriking faults
  • Detection of schort circuits
  • Fault data recording
  • Extensive communication capabilities
    for remote connection of devices
  • Servicing, commissioning and failure analysis


In order to make use of different earth fault locating procedures in various error situations, the freely programmable earth fault locating relay EOR-D, enables the selection and combination of the following procedures:

  • Transient earth procedure with qu algorithm
    -  error resistances up to several kOhms
    -  recognises re-igniting and intermittent earth faults
  • Harmonic procedure
    -  absolute value comparison
    -  analysis of the reactive power direction
  • Wattmetric procedure
    -  analysis of the active power direction
    -  active residual current increase
  • Pulse locating (detailed locating)

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Fast earth fault detection. Safe Petersen coil regulation.

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