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SCADA Communication / Description



From a technical point of view, communication is the process of exchanging information between a transmitter and a receiver. To achieve this, the transmitter encodes a message and transmits it to the receiver. The receiver can only decode the message if it knows the protocol. The setup of the communication between A. Eberle IED’s (Intelligent Electronic Device) and a SCADA system becomes more easy if all partners communicate in such a way that all queries regarding the protocol are clarified before or during the system design process (at latest before commissioning).

To enable communication between technical devices, the installation must be preceded by agreements between the system operator, the manufacturer of the IED,and the supplier of the SCADA system.

Advantages SCADA:
  • One interface for all protocols and A. Eberle protocol cards
  • Supports all major standards and SCADA manufacturers
  • Customer specific modifications possible
  • Ethernet / Dual Ethernet
RPL (REG-PEX Loader) 

This is the loader for REG-PE, PED and PEL, which until now did not have WinConfig status yet. This is always used when an upgrade from a pre-WinConfig version (e.g. GenREG) to a WinConfig version is performed . On the following screenshot the present REG-PEX loader can be seen:


From WinConfig version 9.9.2, the RPL is integrated into WinConfig.
If a previous, incompatible version of the firmware is found, it is automatically started in WinConfig and performs the update for the customer.


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