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The smart maintenance tool TrafoFleet™ logs processes and displays data on all transformer components (core, tank, coils, tap changers, etc.). All historical data are stored in an SQL database. This allows constant tracking of changes and any resulting warnings. This web-based state-of-the-art tool can be implemented on scalable hardware to save money. With its browser-independent approach, it provides all the transformer or fleet information that is available from the installed sensors or laboratory test data remotely (IT security).

Here are some typical data based on available online sensors or offline laboratory tests that can be processed.
  • Oil and winding temperatures
  • Gas-in-oil analyses
    Periodic oil samples, online composite and multi-gas monitoring
  • Tests of oil physical properties
    Water content in the oil, withstand voltage (BDV), power factor, interfacial tension (IFT), Acid Neutralization Number, furans, sulfur, inhibitors
  • Electrical parameters
    Winding dissipation factor, leakage reactance deviation, winding resistance deviation, power factor, capacitance, leakage current
  • Evaluation of physical properties
    Acoustical characteristic curve, motor torque, tap-changer setting, infrared scanning
  • Manufacturing data Manufacturer's score, transformer type, year of manufacture

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