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Every transformer is unique because of its history, age and load parameters. Using the TrafoStick™, the new member of the TraCoMo™ family, it is possible to make a complete picture of the individual fingerprint of a transformer over its entire lifetime. With this knowledge, a reliable prediction can be made about the remaining service life. This is precisely what the operator wants to know. How long before a transformer must be replaced? The measured data are collected continuously in real time and at actual operating temperatures. The parameters are sent directly to the control center using Modbus TCP. Automatic online monitoring of the dielectric strength of the transformer oil (breakdown voltage) makes it possible to assess the state of the transformer oil, to recognize trends and to take action to improve the safety of the transformer (for example, by cleaning or recycling the oil).


  • Online measurement using multi-frequency ultrasonic spectroscopy
  • A WORLD FIRST: A unique device that simultaneously measures all the important parameters of the transformer insulating oil.
  • Basic version: Measures the breakdown voltage (BDV) at the transformer integrating the most important parameters (the effect of dirt particles, temperature and oil moisture content)
  • Expanded version: Same as the basic version with the option of measuring viscosity and density
  • The TrafoStick™ is an acoustic spectrometer covering the entire temperature range of the transformer oil.
  • The TrafoStick™ was developed especially for content analysis of the appropriate transformer oil parameters. It is compatible with the most common transformer oil types.
  • SCADA communication using Modbus TCP


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