The Compact Power Quality Device


The PQI-DA is a power quality device for low, medium and high-voltage networks that can be used as a power quality interface and as a measuring device to record all the defined qualities of AC networks. It is particularly suitable for monitoring special reference quality levels or characteristics agreed between an energy supplier and a customer.

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Instruction Manual
Technical Data Sheets
Parameterization Guide
REG-P Loader
PQ Para Express


I-Sense: Current Feeder Measurement
Mounting Panel
Rogowski Coil
Current clamp
Divisible differential current transformer
GPS Receiver set

Record fault events quickly and easily

The PQI-DA records fault events at 96 μs sampling values and at a length (preceding and subsequent history of the event) that can be freely selected. Fault events are also recorded composed of the effective values of half period values (10 ms).


With a wall-mounted or DIN-rail housing

The housing can be mounted on a wall or profiled rails. This means the device can be flexibly deployed in many different applications.


Record limit breaches quickly and simply

When a limit (harmonic or voltage THD) is exceeded, the power quality device records the spectrum of all harmonics from the 2nd to the 50th harmonic. The broad spectrum of harmonics recorded allows the user to carry out well-founded analysis.

Standards and protocols – making our products fit for the future

  • IEC 61010-1 / EN 61010-10
  • IEC 60255-22-1 / EN 60255-22-10
  • IEC 60529 / 60529
  • IEC 60068-1 / EN 60068-10
  • IEC 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-20
  • IEC 61000-6-4 / EN 61000-6-4

The right interface for every application

Every component has two RS 232 interfaces (COM1 and COM2) and two interfaces each for the system and transport bus E-LAN. The power quality device PQI-DA can optionally be fitted with an integrated TCP/IP interface. In this case, COM 2 is removed.


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The suitable Software offers the user more reasons, to use the PQI-DA

The WinPQ system solution for all built-in A. Eberle fault recorders, power quality monitoring devices and mobile network analyzers. Monitor power quality permanently – from the high-voltage grid to the end-user in a system. Intuitive operation despite the vast amount of data handled.

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