Measurement Supervision

Now available for the PQI-DA smart & PQI-DE

Monitor own, defined limit values

Using the measurement supervision, we offer the user the possibility to measure exactly what he needs. With this function, up to 32 different measured values can be monitored for individually defined limits. In addition to the pure limit value, it is also possible to set the switch-off limit value depending on an individual hysteresis. The measured value monitoring is particularly interesting for transfer in industry on the one hand and for renewable energy sources on the other.

For whom is the measurment observer of interest?

From triggering a 10 ms power measurement value to monitoring 200 ms harmonics up to 9 kHz for fixed limit values or even active monitoring of the connection guidelines (Grid Code RFG): There are no limits to your applications with measured value monitoring!

Fields of application include:

  • Monitoring of own filter measures.
  • Monitoring of all types of grid codes that are usually given cos(Phi) values or the reactive power, for example.
  • Monitoring of power peaks/load peaks at power plants or entire industrial complexes (15 min power value).
  • Monitoring of wind farms/PV plants for permissible feed-in power or contractually specified average values.
  • Emergency generator frequency monitoring

How does the whole thing work?

The measured supervision runs in three steps:

  • Parameterisation of a measured variable to be monitored
  • Parameterisation of the behaviour when the limit value is exceeded
  • Evaluation of the monitoring states

In a nutshell:

  • Monitoring of all measured values from 10 ms TRMS over 200ms / 1s/ 3s over 10 min averaging interval
  • Active alarming via binary outputs
  • Active alarming via Modbus
  • Active triggering of fault records – also via long-term data!

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