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Mains feedback interferes with protective devices

In a photography and design studio, located in a large industrial park, a RCD tripped frequently. Due to the permanent power cuts, the employees of the studio could not work properly. This article shows how we found a solution for this problem using our Power Quality devices.

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Creating Power Quality surveys with PQ-Box and WinPQ mobil software

The following report displays the PQ-Box and WinPQ mobil software interact to allow an evaluation of the disturbance levels at a measuring point according to approved grid norms.

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Measurement of voltage distortions in industrial grids with the PQ-Box 50

It is important to find disturbances in the system in a fast and reliable way. This report shows an example for trouble shooting with the Power Quality analyzer PQ-Box 50.

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Power Quality Measurements: The Third Harmonic

This special publication intends to illustrate a typical power quality measurement and the aspects, which should be taken into consideration conducting the measurements.

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Power Quality Measurements: The N-Conductor & Harmonics

In power quality measurements, odd harmonics such as the 15th, 21st & 27th are often violated. What are harmonics anyway, how does this circumstance occur and what influence does this have on the neutral conductor.

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Changes in Energy Technology – Part 2

Standards play a major role for power quality measurements. Accordingly, it is essential that these standards are also adapted to […]

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Changes in Energy Technology – Part 1

In this article we discuss the current changes in the energy technology. In addition, we will look on the effects of grid repercussions and what influence they have on measuring devices with which we detect faults in the grid.

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Performance increase in the distribution grid

Due to economic unreasonableness, grid operators are rejecting applications to connect PV systems in the low-voltage grid more often. The responsible grid planners are guided by the connection guideline VDE-AR-N 4105, in which decentralized generation facilities may only raise the voltage level in the low-voltage grid by 3% compared to the previous situation.

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Economic Analysis Low Voltage Regulation

Smart Grids and the resulting changes in the distribution grids face many distribution grid operators with different challenges. These include…

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Parallel Charging of E-Vehicles

he Technische Hochschule Bingen (THB) charged e-vehicles in parallel at ten charging points. What was of interest here was measuring the charging current and its effect on the THB network; to determine pulse frequencies and their distribution across the network and to assess network asymmetries…

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