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Pilot Project on a Motorway Parking Lot

In 2018, the “Auergründel” PWC (car park with WC) on the A6 suffered repeat failures of its fresh and waste water pumps…

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Power Quality Under the Microscope

The transition in the generator and consumer structure of Central European electrical grids is in full swing…

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Regulating the Active and Reactive Power with REGSysTM

he voltage regulator REG-D(A) is normally tasked with controlling voltage on the secondary side of a transformer. The main task here is to achieve the best possible balance between voltage stability and the number of taps…

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Power Quality Detectives

Modern measurement technology makes an important contribution to the power quality of low-voltage networks. Without it, we could not make statements about the quality of individual power characteristics, nor find the causes of faults. It was for this reason that the decision was taken in early 2001…

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The REGSysTM Triple-Wound Feature

Since then, it has become possible to use the feature for other application such as so-called “energetic recovery” or to implement applications requiring a second voltage (U1, U2) and current (I1, I2) measurement. In these…

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Emergency Power Supplies in Hospitals and Data Centres

According to DIN VDE 0100 part 710, if the voltage over one or more external cables providing the general power supply to a hospital falls to less than 90% of the nominal grid voltage for a period of more than 0.5s, the power supply must be

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Voltage Quality at all Network Levels

Extending networks will not come cheaply. For the distribution system alone, the Federal Grid Agency estimates costs of around…

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Safely Regulate the Load Flow

Phase-shifting transformers or shunt regulators are special power transformers. They allow the active power flow (load flow) in alternating current networks to be controlled. During tapping, the …

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