PQ-Box Replacement Campaign from 01.05.2022 – 31.10.2022:

New standards require new PQ-Boxes

We at A. Eberle are constantly working to ensure that our Power Quality devices are ahead of their time. To enable all our customers to get access to the PQ-Boxes which fullfill the newest standards, we are offering a trade-in campaign for our PQ-Box 100 power analyzer. If you trade-in your PQ-Box 100, we will grant you an attractive discount ordering a PQ-Box 150 Light or Expert, a PQ-Box 200 and a PQ-Box 300. Since the accessories of the PQ-Box 100 are compatible with the our new power quality analyzers, they can easily be used for the new measuring device. Likewise, the WinPQ mobile evaluation software can continue to be operated. Connecting the new generation of devices, the software offers considerably more options and measurement data

Get up to 700 € credit for replacing your PQ-Box 100:

  • PQ-Box 150 Light/Expert: 500 €*
  • PQ-Box 200: 600 €*
  • PQ-Box 300: 700 €*

Measurement standards change over time. New standards demand new mobile measuring devices. Accordingly, we have summarized why we are launching this replacement campaign and why a change makes sense right NOW.

*The replacement credit does not include VAT. The campaign only includes orders placed between 01.05.2022 and 30.09.2022.

01. Higher sampling frequency – fault detection up to 170 kHz

The switching frequencies of these devices are depending on their rated power. In the range of 30 kW up to 1 MW, frequencies between 2.5 kHz and 8 kHz are applied. At power levels lower than 30 kW, the operating frequency is often much higher. For example, the switching frequency of PV inverters or charging stations of electric vehicles usually lies much higher than 10 kHz. Thus, as a result of the increasing number of switched-mode power-electronics, grid disturbances in the range of 2 kHz to 150 kHz will be steadily increasing. Power quality standards for public grids determine limit values for up to 150 kHz (e.g. IEC 61000-2-2).

Loading effects of an electric vehicle

02. Standard-compliant measurement according to IEC 61000-4-7 in the frequency range 2 kHz to 9 kHz

In many standards valid today, the frequency range of the compatibility levels has been extended upwards. For example, all user guidelines (VDE AR 41xx) for the connection of customer installations in the low, medium and high voltage network already contain limit values up to 9 kHz. All devices of the new generation of measuring instruments can supply these measured values in conformity with the standards. The current DACHCZ guideline already contains limit values up to 9 kHz. The WinPQ mobile creates a finished standard report for the user.

Ressentiment 2 kHz up to 9 kHz in 200 Hz frequency bands according to IEC 61000-4-7

03. Changes in the IEC 61000-4-30

The scope of the IEC 61000-4-30 standard has also been greatly expanded. The PQ-Box 100 was developed in accordance to Edition 2, while the new generation our mobile Power Quality devices already fullfill all requirements for Edition for Class A measuring devices.

04. More extensive selection of measured values

While the PQ-Box 100 already measured over 2.000 values parallel and end-to-end, our new devices measure up to 5.000 values. Active, reactive and apparten power of all harmonics to name an example.

06. Technical improvements of the devices

  • Battery of the PQ-Box 100 ca. 30 seconds vs. PQ-Box 150 4 h
  • The memory size for measurement data has been expanded to 4 GB or 8 GB (optional expansion up to 32 GB possible with a datastore)
  • A graphic color display now replaces the monochrome display of the PQ-Box 100. For example, a pointer diagram or an oscilloscope display is shown on the display, which highlights connection errors even more easily. Device parameterization is also much easier via the larger display.

05. Wifi Interface

All new devices come with a WLAN interface. It is now possible to operate devices wirelessly via a PC. For example, the power analyzer can be operated behind a locked door or on a mast station without having to establish a cable connection.

07. TCP/IP Interface

Have you ever wanted to get an overview of your measurement from a distance? Have enough events already occurred? Can I remove the measuring device already at the measuring point?

This is now possible via a 3G/4G radio modem, which is connected via the TCP/IP interface of the network analyzer.

08. PQ-Box App

Additionaly, we developed a free App for Andriod and iOS to parameterize the devices. Online measurement data could also be displayed on the smartphone.

09. Flexible AUX-Input respectively a 5th current input

A flexible AUX input respectively a 5th current input extends the application possibilities of the measuring devices. For example, a temperature sensor can be connected to a PQ-Box 200 and 300 in order to measure the temperature in the switch cabinet or at a transformer in parallel to the power quality measurement.

Also, the application could need the measurement of a residual current at a RCD or a parallel acquisition of a PE conductor current at a grounding strap. A trigger threshold can also be set on the 5th current input or record it with the fast recorders in the event of a fault.

Temperature measurement in a switch cabinet parallel to a Power Quality measurement

10. Record rapid switching transients

Rapid switching transients are not unusual in industrial plants. In order to be able to record these extremely fast processes, a high sampling frequency is required, coupled with a very large measuring range. Our PQ-Box 200 would be specialized for this and samples the signals with 4 MHz.

Rapid switching transients with 2000 V peak

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