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Use of the interface component

The ANA-D interface component is always ready for deployment where the number of freely available analogue mA inputs and outputs is too great for a REGSys™ component.

You can tell a REGSys™ component by the “D” signifier after the three-letter device designation.
Examples: REG-D, REG-DA, REG-DP, PQI-D, EOR-D, CPR-D, and many more.

The ANA-D interface card works as an analogue input and output component and can be communicated with by any REGSys™ component via the COM 3 (RS 485) interface. The hardware design (mA input or output) is indicated by the “E” signifier. E1 means an ANA-D with eight analogue inputs, while E2 is one with eight analogue outputs.

Each interface card also has its own inbuilt computer (µP). This makes it possible to link signals directly on the component. The component will be programmed according to customer specifications at our headquarters.

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