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The REG-FR position indicator interface adapts the resistor chain of the contact bank of a tap changer to the REGSys voltage regulator system. A power unit delivers the supply voltage for the measurement transducer and relay.

The tap change position is connected to the measurement input by 3 or 4 lines and converted into BCD code. The resistor step value Rs is measured from the front using a potentiometer over both connectors (measurement range 5V DC, Re >500kΩ/V) with 0.1V/Ωat feature ‘R1; 0.5V/Ωat ‘R2; 1V/100Ωat’R3; 0.5V/100Ωat ‘R4; 0.5V/10Ωat feature ‘R5toread. 6 relay contacts (NO contacts) and 6 power outputs present the BCD code for further use.

  • Up to 37 equal tap-change positions can be converted into BCD code
  • 3 or 4-line switching can be used
  • The cable between the tap changer and the REG-FR can be up to 100m long
  • Relay contacts with AC 250V 2A, DC 220V 150W
  • Large range of auxiliary voltages from the power supply

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