Connector module for remote protocols at control centres


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Coupler module for remote protocols

The REG-Pcs assembly works as a coupler module for remote protocols to control centres or central control devices.

The REG-Pcs assembly:

  • conforms with the BDEW white paper and is designed for maximum cybersecurity
  • supports role-based access control (RBAC) and RADIUS
  • coordinates telegram exchange between A. Eberle devices and all kinds of SCADA
  • can be parameterised online at any time
  • can handle all important remote protocols
  • is pin-compatible for the previous REG-Pcs
  • supports “easy-config” by WinConfig
  • both support NTP and PTP
  • offers SNMPv3

The REG-Pcs component is fitted with a microcontroller dedicated to communications and provides its own independent microcomputer with 4 GB of on-board flash memory (EMMC).

The processor is operated at a speed of 454 MHz. The board is fitted with a RAM block with 128 MB storage capacity as working memory. The Micro-SD-card type-dependent memory capacity of the flash drive for storing special plant and device data, logging and manuals is 256 GB. The UART blocks contained in the processor form the asynchronous V.24 interfaces. The interfaces have their own baud rate timer. COM 1 can be set from 100 Bd. to 921600 Bd. and Com 2 from 300 Bd. to 921600 Bd. For serial coupling in PDM (Pulse Duration Modulation), 100 Bd. to 2400 Bd. are possible.

Alongside the functions run using various software solutions on the REG-Pcs, there are general functions to safeguard against the component malfunctioning. These functions are achieved using hardware and software solutions on the REG-Pcs.

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