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Power Quality analysis according to EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-2, -2-4, -2-12

We support you with our expertise and our well-equipped device lending pool including all necessary measurement accessories. After the power quality analysis service, we will help you develop a solution based on the measurement data and evaluation.

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FAQ on Power Quality analysis

What is a grid analysis?

Grid analysis (also network analysis, power network analysis or mains analysis) as an umbrella term refers to a specialised process that aims to examine the structure, performance and reliability of power supply grids. These analyses are carried out to ensure the optimal distribution of energy, identify bottlenecks, improve the efficiency of energy transmission and ensure the stability of the grid under different load conditions. Grid analyses in this context typically include the evaluation of network/grid topologies, the simulation of load flow, the analysis of short-circuit currents, the investigation of voltage stability and the evaluation of grid response to renewable energy sources.

In the context of energy supply and grid operation, grid analyses are also more specifically understood to mean the measurement and analysis of energy networks (public or commercial/industrial) using suitable measurement technology to determine voltage quality/power quality in order to ensure the security of supply of electrical transmission and distribution grids.

When/why is a grid analysis necessary?

What are the requirements for a grid analysis?

How does a grid analysis work?

Which parameters are recorded during a grid analysis?

Grid analysis according to DIN EN 50160

Devices for grid analysis

Discover the causes of grid problems quickly and in a targeted way

With our innovative products and methods, we are able to identify and locate the causes of faults in the energy grid quickly and easily. Whether in low, medium or high-voltage grids – we will find what is wrong. Quality of supply is playing an ever greater role today, now that the energy transition is under way. Accordingly, it is not only important to eliminate faults as quickly as possible, but also to work preventively against potentially costly damages and production breakdowns.

Our experts’ extensive experience in the sector

Our specialised team of experts has over 25 years of experience in the sector. During this time, they have built up a wealth of experience. In keeping with this, our experts have been certified as “Power Quality Experts” (VDE). This means they know the forces in play and how to overcome the difficulties our customers are in. Training is a top priority with us. Our experts not only build on their own know-how, but also cooperate on research projects with universities, generating new knowledge.

Use of our high-grade Power Quality Analyzers

Even the greatest expert cannot achieve the desired result without the right tools. Consequently, as a market leader for mobile power quality devices, we work exclusively with modern, innovative analyzers that are equipped for every application. Our devices are certified to Class A, the highest measurement standard. This means they are fully equipped to deliver the extensive, detailed measurement data needed for a well-founded analysis.

Problem-focused assessment for every application

In many fields of life, we are becoming ever more dependent on high-quality power supplies. That is why the following applies to our services: no matter whether in industrial environments or for energy suppliers – through the right combination of expert knowledge and measurement devices, we can create a solution to fit any problem. Our experts are also happy to take on the role of independent consultant for the implementation of such solutions.


Practical examples from customer projects

Customer: Waste-to-Energy Plant


The waste delivered by the refuse trucks is dumped into a bunker. Two gantry cranes with refuse grabs mix the refuse and fill three kiln lines with it. Both cranes and their equipment were replaced.


Since then, there has been an increased failure of components in other parts of the plant that are connected to the same transformer. The feed of the main-distribution was monitored over a week with a PQ-Box 300.

  • The power quality according to IEC 61000-2-4 (limits up to 9 kHz) could be complied with, but
  • supraharmonics around 30 kHz were massively above the limit values of the IEC 61000-2-2 and
  • the oscilloscope showed a big noise on the sinewave.


A further EMC analysis revealed glaring deficiencies in the shielding and earthing of the cables between the inverters in the machine cabinet and the motors on the crane systems. The crane manufacturer suggested using an isolating transformer to decouple the system from the rest of the low-voltage supply.

Customer: Printing Plate Manufacturer


High-purity aluminum (99.9%) is required for the production of aluminum printing plates. This is supplied on rolls several kilometers long. The aluminum is electrochemically roughened and anodized and then coated with a light-sensitive layer. Finally, the printing plates are cut from the coil into pieces and packaged.


In one machine segment, there were frequent failures of VFDs and power supply units. The feed of the sub-distribution was monitored over a week with a PQ-Box 300. The following observations were made:

  • The power quality according to IEC 61000-2-4 could not be complied with,
  • higher frequency harmonics were massively above their limit values,
  • the oscilloscope showed marked commutation notches and
  • commutation notches led to steep-flanked current characteristics, which damaged the loads over time.


The disturbance was related to the powerful thyristor-controlled rectifier, which was operated on the same transformer. To dampen the commutation dips, a line choke upstream of the rectifier in combination with a passive high-frequency filter was recommended.

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