For harsh environments and tight spots

PQ-Box 50

The perfect tool for energy management audits to ISO 50001. Our universal class a analyzer PQ-Box 50, has been developed for wide-ranging use and comes with an integrated power unit and robust housing, all in a small space. This network analyzer is for universal deployment and is ideal for mobile measurements in harsh environments or where space is highly limited.

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Rogowski Coil
Adapter Cable Set
External Power Supply
Current Clamp
Navilog GPS Clock
Istolation Cover

An extremely robust and compact housing

When developing our PQ-Box 50, the device’s compact design was our primary concern. With very reduced dimensions of only 220 x 110 x 40 mm and a weight of just one kilo, the box shines wherever restricted space is an issue. Naturally, despite its small size, our PQ-Box 50 not only reaches protection class IP 65 but is also a certified Class A device.


WLAN interface for cableless communication with the software & app

The data recorded by the PQ-Box 50 can be transferred either by USB interface or a rapid WLAN interface to the evaluating PC. The class a analyzer comes with our extensive WinPQ mobile evaluation software, which can be installed on as many PCs as you wish. To round off the excellent user experience, we have developed the PQ-Box app for both Android and iOS. The app allows you to display a wide range of online measurements and alter configurations for current and voltage transformers, measurement intervals or nominal voltages of the PQ-Box 50.

All the standards and protocols upheld – making our products fit for the future

The class a analyzer PQ-Box 50 creates an automatic standard assessment and event record to:

  • EN 50160
  • IEC61000-2-2
  • IEC61000-2-12
  • IEC61000-2-4
  • NRS048
  • IEEE 51

Analyse faults in the ripple control telegram with ripple control analysis

In addition to measuring the ripple control level, the class a analyzer is also able to trigger a ripple control frequency and capture the voltages and currents for a set frequency. The complete telegram can be shown to a length of 210 seconds, while a wide range of parameters can be set in the measurement device (triggering threshold, recording threshold, ripple control frequency, bandwidth of the filter curve for ripple control frequency).

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