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Coupler module for remote protocols

The REG-PEDSV assembly works as a coupler module for remote protocols to control centres or central control devices.

The REG-PEDSV assembly:

  • conforms with the BDEW white paper and is designed for maximum cybersecurity
  • can process sampled values as per IEC 61860-9-2
  • supports role-based access control (RBAC) and RADIUS
  • coordinates telegram exchange between A. Eberle devices and all kinds of SCADA
  • can be parameterised online at any time
  • can handle all important remote protocols
  • can handle all important remote protocols
  • has numerous connection options, e.g. fibre optic, RS 485 or RS 232
  • is pin-compatible for REG-PED
  • supports “easy-config” by WinConfig
  • supports NTP and PTP
  • offers SNMPv3

The REG-PEDSV component is fitted with a NXP high-performance communications processor, provides an independent microcomputer and can thus handle an address space of 17.6 terabytes. The multicore processor is run at a clock rate of up to 1 GHz, supporting both “Cache Coherent Interconnect” (CCI400) and QorIQ network technology.

The motherboard can be fitted with working memory of 1 GB DDR3L RAM. The component has 64 MB NOR Flash onboard and can be extended with a micro-SD card to 256 GB. This can be used to store the logging and fault recording data, design specifications and manuals of A. Eberle devices.

The two serial high-speed blocks in the processor (“QUICC engine”), together with two further serial interfaces, provide the available asynchronous V.24 interfaces. Three interfaces have their own baud rate timer.

COM 1-4 can be set from 600 Bd to 1 MBd. In addition, two 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet connections are integrated, by way of which the card parameters can be adjusted at any time using the on-board web server, even during running protocol operation.

The Ethernet interfaces can be electrical, fibre-optic or even mixed. This allows flexible plant configuration. In addition, the component can have two extra Ethernet interfaces added. This allows e.g. operation at the station or process bus of an IEC 61850 connection.

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